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Welcome to our Tie Dye Shirts Page! 

Here's our quick story of how we started tie dyeing. Our kids elementary school PTA wanted to order some red, white and blue tie-dye shirts with the school logo. For the first couple of orders we used ready made Dyenomite brand shirts that we ordered from a wholesaler, but there was out of stock and turnaround time issues. So it was always a hassle. But the school tie dye shirts turned out to be really popular and always sold out. So that was really great news and they always want to order more.

Eventually for a summer camp project our kids had to tie dye some shirts and I actually took it serious. I did some research online, came across Dharma Trading Co and they had all in one red, white and blue tie dye kits for sale. We purchased a couple kits, tie-dyed a bunch of shirts and amazingly enough they came our great! We actually received a lot of compliments with offers to buy and now we make and sell them locally. We've continued to grow our tie-dye line of shirts, experimenting with more colors, different patterns and techniques. So we're really excited to share our passion with you!




All shirts are tie-dyed in our shop in Fairfield, CT. We also use Dharma fiber reactive dyes for all of our tie-dyeing. Please keep in mind these are tie-dye shirts and no two shirts will ever look the exact same. All shirts are pre-rinsed, soaked in soda ash, cured for 24 hours minimum after they're tie dyed, rinsed again, machine washed using synthrapol detergent and then finally dried on med to high heat.


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