Family Tree Shirts are the Best

Family Tree Shirts are the Best

I felt inspired to type up this blog because we had a custom order come in this past week for a very unique Family Tree. A request for a 4 generation, great-great-grandparent Family Tree with a whopping 39 names! (see below picture) It's amazing. When I look at this picture of the shirt that I made, I can't help but think of the sense of accomplishment and legacy that this person must feel to live long enough to see 4 generations of family.

The Family Tree design that we offer is by far my most favorite design to put together and here's a couple reasons why...

I have to say a majority if not all of the Family Tree shirts we make and sell are meant as a loving gift for a parent, grandparent, sometimes a great-grandparent and now a great-great-grandparent. Now I know I will never get to see the person receiving the gift and that persons reaction. But I would like to imagine that most people would smile and be genuinely happy to receive such a gift. However, we do sometimes receive a positive message in the form of a positive review from our customers. That's about the best reply we can get from someone.

But to take my thoughts just a little further. For every name that I've copied, pasted and fit onto individual leaves. Those names represent the lives of the future generation of the person who's going to be wearing the Family Tree shirt. In a way the Family Tree shirt represents that parent, grandparent, great-grandparent and now a great-great-grandparent legacy. 

Now without getting too deep, at this time I have 2 kids of my own and I like to think I'll live long enough myself. So that one day maybe I'll have grandkids of my own or maybe even great-grandkids. That would be a great legacy to live up to.